Redefining project collaboration

A flexible, all-in-one workspace for drawing review, markup and collaboration, on- site and in the office 

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Why the industry is transitioning to unified systems for end-to-end project collaboration

Transparent Communication

Maintain complete visibility over collaboration & drawing revisions across the project lifecycle 

Centralised documents & data

A single, searchable source of truth for documents, drawings and team collaboration

No third party software

Stop wasting time importing/exporting, printing, comparing, & transferring markups from one system to another

Shorten the time required to resolve issues or complete tasks by streamlining collaboration & automating workflow notifications 

Seamless digital workflows

Auditable collaboration trail

Formalise correspondence via internal mail to establish an auditable communication trail 

Easily manage issues that progress to an EOT / variation & require digital approval & sign off

Trigger EOT/variations

Save on software costs

Pay one software license and invite unlimited users (both internal and external parties) 

Set 'view-only' or 'edit' permissions at a project team or user level & revise anytime

Set granular permissions 

Search, view and navigate to drawings faster 

Search by document name and within drawings

Easily navigate between drawing versions and click through internally linked drawings

Track your position between drawings via a visual document tree

Share and export from the same window

Seamless collaboration begins with digitally connected workflows 

Markup and Annotate

Markup drawings individually or invite and manage collaborators

Select clouds, notes and arrows from the toolbar containing industry markup tools

Take photos, attach to drawings, and add comments (without needing to exit module)

Unsure what's changed?
Compare versions instantly

Helps avoid cost blowouts - reduce EOT/variations and rework by ensuring everyone is aware of changes and are building off the latest drawings

The built-in overlay tool automatically highlights differences with contrasting colours

Compare drawings by selecting two revisions and overlaying them on your screen

Share and Collaborate

Accelerate collaboration and issue resolution by sharing published markups instantly

Manage security - Set 'view-only' or 'edit' permissions for a project group or per user, and share drawings to your team or third parties through the integrated mail system 

'View-only' enables sharing with third parties who receive published markups as an email attachment (facilitating communication whilst maintaining project security)

Collaborators can view, turn other user's markups on/off, add new markups and publish new versions from within the same module

Issue RFI's and email correspondence of the published versions via Simpel's mail functionality to formalise the collaboration process and establish an auditable communication trail 

Simpel is the construction industry’s digital toolbox providing an end-to-end operations management and site access solutions for developers, project managers and contractors.

Trusted by the best in the business and designed for projects of all types, stages and sizes; Simpel is driving digital transformation across the industry and delivering a new era in construction technology.

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Keen to learn more? Now see it in action! 

Join us for a one-time webinar highlighting all the key features of the Drawing Collaboration module, demonstrated as you would use it onsite.

If you're short on time or want to skip straight to the drawing functionality then this webinar is for you. 

Lachy Bryant, Strategic Product Lead at Simpel, will be joined by Radley Foxon, Business Executive, for demonstration of the module using a typical use case that you will be familiar with.

What we'll cover -

  • Identification and documentation of an issue - someone's noticed a potential problem, we'll document it and notify the team

  • Comparison of drawings - has something changed in the drawings that you're not aware of?  

  • Markup and annotate - note issues, solutions for rectification, photos and observations  

  • Sharing and collaboration - how to invite your team and third parties, set permissions and manage versioning  

  • Triggering of an EOT/variation - with a solution agreed, now it's time to formalise the process with auditable communications, approvals and workflows for sign off

New Drawing Collaboration module

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30 minute introductory demo

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This is a 20 minute demo followed by 10 minutes of questions

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Date:  Thursday, 29 September
Time:  1 - 1.30pm

Webinar Details

Webinar Details

Time:     1 - 1.30pm

This is a 20 minute demo followed by 10 minutes of questions

  • Webinar will take place on Zoom
  • Pre-registration required
  • Join from desktop, tablet or phone  
  • You will receive an email with a link to attend on the day

See the Drawing Collaboration module in action

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Date:     Thursday, 29 September at 1 - 1.30pm